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Prishtin, 06.03.2018 - Based on the Seismic Network, the Geological Service of Kosovo and the Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Center, as well as the numerical analysis of the Kosovo Seismological Network, today at 11:00 local time, our country was hit by an earthquake of 2.6 magnitude according to the Richter scale, respectively with a III1/2 of Mercalli intensity scale.

The epicenter of this earthquake was 8 km North-East of Peja
respectively in the coordinates:             42,739 (latitude) and
                                                             20,335 (longituda), while its central depth was 8 km.

Due to the significant depth of its core, the earthquake in question was notably felt by the residents of Peja region.

Thus far, the Seismic Network of the Kosovo Geological Service holds no data on eventual damages in the epicenter.