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Prishtina, 12.01.2018 – Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Xhavit Zariqi, is participating in the International Summit on Energy Efficient Buildings and Innovations – ENIPE 2018, organized by the World Trade Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The summit is attended by experts of various spheres, including energy, trade, energy efficiency and innovations. Kosovo is presented in this summit by Deputy Minister Zariqi, accompanied by the head of the Monitoring and Reporting Division in the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency, Arsim Kuliqi.

“Kosovo has vastly invested in energy efficiency, and these investments result in electricity savings and benefit most our country’s citizens. Energy efficiency is treated with utmost priority by the Government of Kosovo, and our investments in this sphere will continue in the future,” said Deputy Minister Zariqi.

During his speech, he invited potential investors to invest in the sphere of energy in Kosovo, especially in energy efficiency, since Kosovo has enacted proper regulation of this sphere and will support all investments that aim to improve the lives of its citizens. This international summit aims to gather energy efficiency technology producers from various countries.