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Prishtina, 04.01.2018 – According to data from the Seismic Network, Kosovo Geological Survey and the Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Center, on 04/01/2018, at 11:54 local time, our country felt the 5.2 Richter scale magnitude (intensity VII in Mercalli scale) earthquake hitting Montenegro, and its lower intensity aftershocks (between 2.8 and 4 in Richter scale).

The epicenter of this earthquake was 64km east of Podgorica, respectively 24km west of Peja, in the following coordinates 42.62 latitude and 19.96 longitude, with the hypocenter being at 10km depth.

Due to the immaterial depth of the earthquake, it was felt by Kosovo inhabitants in general, and Dukagjini region residents in specific.

To date, the Seismic Network provided no data related to eventual damage caused in the epicenter area.