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Prishtina, 24.11.2017 – Kosovo Geological Survey, in cooperation with experts from the Geology Department of the Poly-Technical University in Tirana, presented today a project titled “Compilation of the Kosovo Geological Map, 1:25000” (PLANSHETI ,,TREPÇA’’ K34-42 Bb).

Kosovo Geological Survey and the scientific authors from Tirana presented the perspective of the exploration field with new mineralizations in this area. Fidaim Sahiti, Director of the Kosovo Geological Survey, said that Kosovo has a favorable climate for doing business and investing in the mining sector, as well as legislation that is approximated with that of the European Union.

“In general, geological studies as a process precede other industrial activities, and provide an opportunity to expand knowledge for scientific-applicative activities, which ultimately support the country’s economic development and have a direct impact on the society’s socio-economic development,” said the chief executive of KGS Fidaim Sahiti.

According to him, Kosovo possesses a wide array of mineral resources with great economic potential, as well as the potential for new findings, using modern exploration techniques, such as the ones under the possession of the Kosovo Geological Survey. “The provision of such source of information and reliable data, alongside modern scientific analyses, is one of the key roles of the Kosovo Geological Survey, hence such projects that aim to attract significant capital investments are considered of utmost priority,” Sahiti said.

Ibrahim Rexhepi, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka, said that this project, respectively exploration, is one of the priorities of the Kosovo Government, respectively MED.

“This project will have an impact on the country’s economic development. It provides exact data on mineral resources and will, as such, provide a stimulus for local and foreign investments,” Rexhepi said.

The purpose of this project consists in the development of human and applicative capacities, in compliance with the legislation and Kosovo Mining Strategy, while implementing modern methodologies and high-level laboratory equipment now under the possession of the Kosovo Geological Survey.

This study comprises a set of exact data for potential investors that require a reliable data source of geoscientific data as a prerequisite for their capital investments in Kosovo.