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Prishtinë, 05.04.2017 - Kosovo had a strategy for the mineral sector and a legal infrastructure that regulates this field, however we wanted to have concrete engagements and projects which would change the landscape of the mineral sector in our country, said Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci.

Stavileci made these comments in a meeting organised by the Kosovo-Turkish Trade Commerce, where the Turkish company ESAN presented the investment opportunities in the mineral sector in Kosovo and creation of jobs in front of students of Isa Boletini University in Mitrovica.

Stavileci said that they are looking into finding a balance between the use of resources and protection of environment, so that everything that is done in the mineral sector is done in a fine balance between economic benefits, environment and social aspects.

“A project in the mining field is only successful when it establishes the economic environmental and social balance”, said Stavileci, by adding that students of Faculty of Geosciences are the future cadre, by either being in the sectorial policymaking, or as a part of a qualified workforce which can stand the challenges of time.