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Prishtinë, 23.03.2017 – The possibility of developing joint projects, especially on development of district heating network in Drenas Municipality, was the reason of a meeting today between the Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, his deputy Gani Koci and other associates and the mayor of this municipality Ramiz Lladrovci.

Following a meeting with the Mayor of Drenas, Stavileci said that MED is providing solutions in the field of waters and energy, and added that an important component here is also the district heating, which was also foreseen in the Energy Strategy.

“You know that we had a very important project with the city district heating company in Prishtina, and the idea was to initiate such projects in other municipalities as well, especially in those municipalities that have other underlying factors such as the case of this municipality which has Ferronikeli, it should utilise other sources so that residents of Drenas have the possibility of benefiting from district heating”, he said.

Stavileci said that MED together with the MESP, the Drenas Municipality and Ferronikeli will find ways to finance the feasibility study for this project, which will give way and will be inserted in the investment framework so that it can receive financing subsequently. However, this project will not stop only with this municipality.

“Otherwise, district heating is one of the objectives that we have determined for ourselves in the ten year strategy 2017-2026 which was prepared for the energy sector. This is of course a very concrete project which will benefit citizens of Drenas but will not be the only project that will be initiated together with Drenas Municipality”, he said.

The mayor of Drenas Municipality Ramiz Lladrovci from his side said that he spoke to Minister Stavileci about the possibility of initiating feasibility study on district heating for this city.

“You know that we spoke about this project earlier as well. Today we agreed that around October we should initiate a feasibility study and we have a rough estimate of the cost of implementing the project for district heating of Drenas city”, said Lladrovci.