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Prishtinë, 14.12.2016  - “Women participation in decision-making processes”, was the topic of discussion today at the ceremony of conclusion of the project “Kosovo Marginalised Women: Active citizens”. An initiative organised by Women for Women International and supported by the US Embassy in Prishtina (Democracy Commission Small Grants Program).

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development Besa Zogaj Gashi was present in this event where she underlined the fact that equal participation of women in every segment of life, especially in the local or central decision-making level, brings an added value for our society and it is an overview of the Republic of Kosovo identity. “The indicators show that inclusion of more women in decision-making is translated in more economic empowerment, better employment conditions, more property rights, women friendly public infrastructure and a better quality of life for 50% of the population.

The more present women are in the so called non-traditional roles, the more impact they will have and there will be more creativity, value, practicality and energy in the family and the society. Active participation of women in public and private life of a country is both a right and a necessity”, said Deputy Minister Zogaj GAshi, who went on to list the achievements of the Government of Republic of Kosovo, which initiated a special mission, in order to implement the National Development Strategy 2016-2021, which aims to have sustainable development in the country. “We consider that such an objective can only be implemented by ensuring participation and contribution of all citizens, including girls and women, who are considered to be very important factor for economic development, development of education, healthcare, culture and social development of Kosovo in general.

We have a significant increase of women representation in boards of corporations and independent agencies, local level and the field of diplomacy. The government cabinet is working constantly to support and empower women in entrepreneurship, so that the environment of doing business for women entrepreneurs in Kosovo is as favourable as possible because women entrepreneurs are considered as very important partners in developing the private sector and economic development of the country.

This engagement was reflected in the last World Bank report which is reflected in statistics of women owners of businesses registered during 2015’, said the Deputy Minister Zogaj Gashi.She also listed other achievements and projects of the Government and respective ministries, including here promotion of a specific policy for incentivising the online outsourcing industry (OO), starting with implementation of the WOW Project. A project that trained women where so fare we have 100 certified women in this field.  Apart from the Deputy Minister Zogaj Gashi, other speakers in this event were Iliriana Gashi from Women for Women International, Michelle J. Schohn from the US Embassy, Blerta Deliu from Women’s Caucus in the Parliament and Kimet Zeqa from the Women’s Caucus at the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina.