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Prishtina 04/11/2016 – Kosovo Government is a steady partner in reforming and advancing the water sector. Since the year 2000, this sector has received 315 million Euro in general investment, said the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Besa Zogaj-Gashi, at a joint Balkan Conference and Exhibit on the topic “Water and Employment”, organized by SHUKALB and SHUKOS, which is being held in Tirana.

Deputy Minister Zogaj-Gashi confirmed that, based on the indicators, the water sector can already be called a success story, as potable water coverage is at 85 percent.

“The water sector is a success story, since almost all performance indicators have noted an increase and improvement of service, collection and company organizing at the regional level throughout the years,” said Zogaj-Gashi.

She reminded everyone that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed towards the implementation of the National Strategy for Economic Development 2016-2022, which treats energy, agriculture, and mining as priority sectors, as well as committed in the water sector providing continuous support.

“Management structures of all regional water companies have by now been consolidated and it is required of them to increase performance indicators and strategy development for human resources with which to advance the sector,” said Zogaj-Gashi.

She further added that the Danube Water Program, which is being elaborated with stakeholders in Kosovo accepts Kosovo water sector organization and reform, evaluating Kosovo as the best in the region in terms of sector sustainability.