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Prishtinë, 31 October 2016 – The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, is determined in providing special treatment for the IT technology, by making it as one of the priority fields, declared the Minister of Economic Development Blerand Stavileci in the regular meeting of the Steering Committee for implementation of the Kosovo Strategy on Information Technology.

Moreover Minister Stavileci committed in front of attendees that he will continue his unreserved support in implementation of the Kosovo Strategy on Information Technology, and requested for commitment from the private sector, the Academia and other stakeholders.

In this meeting the attendees elaborated the current developments related to implementation of the Strategy, including modalities of organization of this Steering Committee and establishment of respective task forces for implementation of IT strategy pillars.

The attendees assessed the IT Strategy as the only option and potential for economic development and acceleration of growth of exports of services in the field of ICT, by developing human capacities in line with the demands of companies that are already established or that would be established in the future whereby the ICT field would be further promoted.

Otherwise, the Kosovo IT Strategy is a product of a long effort and engagement of all members of the working group, comprised of representatives of governmental institutions (MED, MTI-KIESA, MPA-ASI, MEST, etc.), the Association of Information and Communication Technology of Kosovo – STIKK, private sector and representatives of the Academia (UP, Universum, UBT, Riinvest, etc.).