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Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Besa Zogaj-Gashi, participated at the Final Conference of the project ‘Tempus’ held today in Tirana, financed by EU and facilitated by POLIS University, where she was part of the discussion panel on the project “Development and Adjustment of Professional Programs for Energy Efficiency in the West Balkans.

Deputy Minister Zogaj-Gashi said the Republic of Kosovo’s priority is a new development model, where education is the main pillar of sustainable and long term development, and it’s not an accident that this field is the main pillar of the National Development Strategy 2016-2021, for an education that adjusts to market needs.

Stopping at the project ‘Tempus’, Deputy Minister said this is a good opportunity to prepare new cadres in line with market needs. “What you have done through the ‘Tempus’ project is in fact opening of a new road which not only gives the youth an alternative to theoretical learning but also practical, through labs, internships in businesses,’ said the Minister.

According to Zogaj-Gashi, to choose energy efficiency as a program in Kosovo, means to address a market need for the youth and it is fully in line with Government priorities as a sector.

Number two of the MED said Kosovo has noted progress in the field of EE, which is not only important for reaching national EE objectives, in which the country aims to reach a quota of 9% until 2018, but also the protection and management of natural resources and the reduction of green-house gasses.

Otherwise, the project “Development and Adjustment of Professional Energy Efficiency Programs in the Western Balkans,” brought together regional and European partners in discussing the importance of this project for the intensification of professional training in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro.