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Prishtina, 19.05.2016 - “We are interested to establish a link between the economy, academia and the private sector, which can positively change the pace of economic development. We want to intensify this link especially in the ICT sector, as it has a safe future for the youth of the country”, said Blerand Stavileci, Minister of Economic Development, in a discussion with students of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, FIEK, as he has offered his support for the realization of their ambitions.

On this occasion, Minister Stavileci informed students on steps taken to support the ICT sector, which he described as a profession with a secure future, competing with developed states.

“I’m engaged in supporting the ICT sector, as a matter of priority, as I am convinced that it will boost economic development. ICT sector has perspective and as such I will support it unreservedly,” said Stavileci, adding that the good news is that advanced countries are now looking at the Southeast European countries to seek staff in this area which can benefit young people.

He informed the participants that the Strategy for ICT has been adopted and a Fund for ICT will soon be established, and the Technology Park is the process of establishment, as a building for this activity has been allocated.

Stavileci called students to become a common part of his visits to ICT companies, in order to look from close at practices to advance in their professions and become important part of the employment market. “Our interest is to ensure that students are part of concrete visits that we carry to the ICT sector, where you will be informed and give input particularly in digital education”, added the minister.

From his part, the Dean of the Faculty, Enver Hamiti, welcomed Minister Stavileci and commended his willingness to collaborate with students, giving them the opportunity to enhance their capacities and experiences. He said it is important that ICT has entered into the government’s agenda as an integral part of economic development, to ensure that students of this field have a prosperous future.