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Prishtina, 17.05.2016 - “We have seen the implementation of three larger projects in postwar Kosovo, two highways and the International Airport of Prishtina and in these two areas, in my view, we have reached a level comparable with countries in the region, but also with that of the EU”, said Blerand Stavileci, Minister of Economic Development in a visit to the Public Enterprise Infrakos.

Further, he thanked the railway workers and management who, despite challenges, have managed to keep alive one of the most important transport, particularly freight.

Minister Stavileci also said that in this regard the Government of Kosovo, in cooperation, with EBRD and the European Investment Bank, made significant steps, including railway Route 10 linking Kosovo and Macedonia in the south and with Serbia in the north.

“We have committed funds by two very prestigious banking institutions, EBRD and the European Investment Bank, to support us in implementing this project”, he added.

According to Stavileci, the implementation of this project will not only enable connections with countries of the region but also with Europe, making this sector more attractive for operators after the liberalization of the market.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, through the Ministry of Economic Development supports its enterprises, particularly Infrakos, in two ways; through capital investment and subsidies. This year, again, we will support this enterprise, but I believe that in the coming years with the implementation of Route 10 project and other projects in the pipeline, this sector will be revived as a whole”, said Minister Stavileci.

From his part, Agron Thaçi, Chief Executive Officer of Infrakos, thanked Minister Stavileci for the visit, and said that the staff he manages is committed to maintain the railway network of Kosovo, adding that with the support of the Government of Kosovo they have started plans and development projects for the rehabilitation and modernization of railway lines.

“If everything goes according to plan, I can say that in January next year we will start with rehabilitation and modernization works of the railway Route 10 in practice. With the Government we will continue with other routes, on the basis of the priority list, as adopted by the Government of Kosovo”, said Thaçi.

Otherwise, list of 11 infrastructure projects approved by the National Investment Council, which is under review for financing from international financial organizations, includes six railway projects, among them the railway route that connects the capital with the Prishtina International Airport.