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Prishtina, 12.04.2016 - "We're committed towards stabilizing the energy sector and at the same time strengthening it with new generating capacity and rehabilitating existing ones," said Deputy Minister of Economic Development Besa Zogaj-Gashi during a meeting with the Director of the Balkans Office for Assistance Emil Vasilev as part of the Balkan Association of Small Business.

Zogaj-Gashi notified Mr. Vasilev on the activities that are taking place in the energy sector, which according to her are being accompanied by challenges that the MED is committed to overcome.

"New generation capacity and rehabilitation of existing ones, the common market with Albania, and regional integration, diversification of sources of renewable energy, legal infrastructure and energy efficiency are areas in which the MED is committed to address within a very short time," she said.

On the other hand, while thanking Deputy Minister Gashi, Mr. Vasilev said that Balkan Small Business Association aims to promote the Small and Medium Enterprises in South East Europe, in order to access markets, new customers and have access to the European market.

Both parties have agreed to jointly define concrete steps in order to deepen cooperation between stakeholders in the field of energy, particularly in the area of training, which would advance knowledge in this field.