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Prishtina, 04.05.2016 - "The Government of Kosovo is committed to solve the issues of Kosovo citizens as soon as possible, especially issues dealing with basic living conditions such as water", said Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Development Besa Zogaj-Gashi, while visiting the villages of Boletin, Kelmend and Zhash, located in the north of Mitrovica.

Deputy Minister Zogaj-Gashi, accompanied by Deputy Minister Bajram Gecaj, held a meeting with the management of the Regional Water Company in Mitrovica, and were briefed on the progress of the water supply for these three villages, which previously had problems with drinking water supply.

Zogaj-Gashi said on the occasion that MED is committed in making these villages have supply of safe drinking water within the shortest amount of time, adding that it will continue to support initiatives that normalize the lives of the citizens throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Administration and Local Government, Bajram Gecaj, said the Prime Minister's Office, respectively the Office for Communities provided 25 thousand euros for this project, and the procedures were developed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

He added that the Government provided for three issues in order for the operation of the water pumps to happen, such as financing, maintenance and provision of electric power, adding that the Municipality of Zvecan has already pledged there will be regular supply of energy for the operation of these pumps in order to supply these three villages with drinking water.

Furthermore, the two deputy ministers have pledged that soon there will be a working group established composed of experts of the MED and KRU "Mitrovica", and all obstacles to the water supply will be addressed in the Government, whereas the maintenance of the pumps will be taken care of by the KRU "Mitrovica".