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Prishtina, 31/03/2016 – Energy companies must commit to a real culture-change in the involvement of women, and this is why it is very encouraging to see so many women today, said the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Besa Zogaj-Gashi at the start of the workshop on establishing mRrethi (mCircle), held today in Pristina.

The workshop, which involves Institutions of the Energy Sector in Kosovo, is organized by USAID through the REPOWER-Kosovo project, and was attended by Celia Whitaker – Deputy Head of the REPOWER Project, Berenika Gashi – Advisor for inclusive development – USAID, and representatives of the energy sector such as KEK, KOSTT, ERO etc.

This event is organized to help launch mRrethi at each energy institution in Kosovo which is part of the REPOWER project, and to assist institutions in identifying concrete and implementable actions that would empower women in the energy industry for personal and professional development.

Deputy Zogaj-Gashi thanked USAID and the REPOWER project, saying that the project aims to promote clean energy and to improve the conditions for private investment in the energy sector, while encouraging women to turn to studies and careers in the field of energy as a sector with a certain future.

She said that although developed countries started gender diversity 20 years ago, they faced problems as well, and now globalization and increased competition has increasingly turned the attention of many countries, municipalities, and businesses towards benefits from diversity as well as from the talent and potential of women.

"To make progress in gender diversity, an integrated ecosystem is required, an established strategy, training, mentoring programs, supporting policies and infrastructure, and all these must be kept together with a clear, visible and stable commitment by governments," said Zogaj-Gashi.

Furthermore, the Deputy Minister notified that in the coming months she will be part and continuous supporter of a campaign that will raise awareness and encourage women to join and develop a career in the energy sector.

The purpose of establishing mRrethi within an institution or a team is to advance gender diversity through mentoring, creation of communication networks, development skills, and career management.