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Prishtina, 29.01.2016 – Ministry of Economic Development conducted today the first consultative meeting on the implementation of the Kosovo Strategy on Information Technology, which was adopted by the Government of Kosovo through Decision No. 14/67 of 30.12.2015.

The strategic document “Kosovo Strategy on Information Technology” is the result of a long engagement of all Working Group members, comprising representatives of governmental institutions (MED, MTI-KIESA, MPA-ISA, MEST, etc.), the Kosovo Information and Communication Technology Society (STIKK), private sector and academia (UP, Universum, UBT, Riinvest, etc.).

The meeting was used to discuss on how to get the implementation of the Strategy under way, on the establishment and composition of a Steering Committee to manage and monitor the Strategy implementation process, on manners to promote the Strategy, on finding means for coordination and donors, and other matters of significance for the implementation of the Strategy.

Present in the meeting were the most important stakeholders for the development of information technology in Kosovo, including government institutions, private businesses in ICT sector, Information Technology Society – STIKK, ICK, donors, and other contributors in the development of the Strategy – Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo and GIZ.