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Prishtina, 13 November 2015 – Chaired by the Deputy-Minister of Economic Development, Besa Zogaj-Gashi, the first meeting of the Working Group established for drafting the Concept Document on an “One Stop Shop” which aims to accelerate procedures for investment in Renewable Energy Sources.

Part of this working group are representatives of MED, MESP, MAFRD, MTI, Association of Kosovo Municipalities, ERO, KOSTT, KEDS, while it is supported by USAID, through the REPOWER project.

Deputy-Minister Zogaj-Gashi said on this occasion that such a mechanism would eliminate administrative barriers and facilitate the accomplishment of 25% objective for RES, which Kosovo has undertaken to achieve under the Energy Community Treaty.

She informed that the laws are currently being re-drafted to ensure full transposition of the Third Package of EU directives on the energy sector, which include renewable energy sources and also envisage the establishment of the RES One Stop Shop.

According to her, working group objectives include:
-    Recommendation of the Concept Document on the establishment of a One Stop Shop, with the aim of accelerating Renewable Energy Source projects;
-    Identification of administrative processes which need to be simplified and/or harmonized, and provision of recommendations for their solution;
-    Development of detailed steps for the establishment of OSS, in accordance with the approved concept, and provision of appropriate recommendations;
-    Monitoring of the work of OSS for a period of few months upon establishment, in order to oversee the performance and effectiveness of OSS and to provide recommendations as required.

The Concept Document on establishment of the One Stop Shop will be presented for adoption to the National Council on Economic Development.

All attendants of the meeting expressed the readiness of institutions they represent to assist in the implementation of this objective, considering this a necessity for facilitation of investments in this sphere.

The meeting was also used to present the dynamic work plan of the inter-institutional working group.

Of note, investments in RES and provision of a more favorable business and investment environment affect economic development and growth of employment, which comprises the first pillar of the 2015-2018 (approved) Government Program, and the National Development Strategy (in process).