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Prishtina, 19.08.2015 – Signing if the Energy Agreement between the Prime Minister of Kosovo and that of Serbia, with the mediation of the European Commission, in September 2013, which resulted with the signing of the Operations Agreement (inter-TSO Agreement) between the Transmission System and Electricity Market Operator of Kosovo (KOSTT) and Serbia’s Transmission System Operator (EMS) in September 2014, created the conditions for the initiation of the membership process of KOSTT in relevant international mechanisms, including ENTSO-E  (European Network Transmission System Operators-Electricity).

After intensive activities between working groups of experts from KOSTT and the organization of European Network Transmission System Operators-Electricity (ENTSO-E), KOSTT is now in the process of establishing and operating as an independent controller area/block within the Continental Synchronous Area. The independent operation of KOSTT as a regulatory area/block is expected to be implemented with the signing of the Connection Agreement, which is also the first step towards membership in ENTSO-E.

Despite challenges incurred by Serbia’s Transmission Operator (EMS) in the process, KOSTT and ENTSO-E working group are working in the evaluation process of the fulfillment of technical standards of operation by KOSTT, to operate as independent controller area/block.

The evaluation of the implementation of standards will be subject to a monitoring during the months of August and September and will require an application of operating regimes subject to high and strict criteria.

During these operation regimes, there may be possible supply restrictions, instructed by KOSTT, for which we ask for the understanding of customer, in advance.

We would like to inform the public that the whole process is coordinated by MED and other actors, in addition to KOSTT, are ERO, KEK and KEDS.

On the other hand, KOSTT, in coordination with all stakeholders in the electricity sector in Kosovo, is working continuously to ensure an operation and balancing of the power system, according to the requirements and standards of ENTSO-E. Recognition of KOSTT as an independent regulatory area will bring benefits and obligations to all parties of the electricity sector in the country.

With the finalization of this process KOSTT will be able to exercise its full mandate as a Transmission System and Electricity Market Operator in the Republic of Kosovo. This will allow KOSTT to make allocation of interconnection capacity (interstate lines), realize revenues from the transit of electricity through the transmission network of Kosovo, and to be compensated for losses in the horizontal network of electricity transmission. These issues, which were open for years, will finally be resolved, resulting in benefits for electricity consumers in Kosovo, through their electricity tariffs.

KOSTT will continue with the operation and balancing of the transmission system in accordance with the rules laid down by ENTSO-E, and uses this opportunity once again to call on all parties to continue with their cooperation.

ENTSO-E is the organization of the European Electricity Transmission System Operators, which represents 41 transmission system operators (TSO) from 34 European countries. ENTSO-E is established with, and given its legal mandate by the 3rd Legislative package of the EU on the Internal Energy Market, in 2009, which aims to further liberalize electricity and gas markets in the Union European.

ENTSO-E promotes closer cooperation between TSOs in Europe to support the implementation of EU policy on energy. www.entsoe.eu